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Architecting End-to-End Blockchain-Powered Solutions

Companies in every industry are building blockchain applications and asking their business partners to integrate with them. Are you ready to build a blockchain application when your CEO comes asking? Blockchain is transforming forward-thinking companies. Now is the time to understand the technology and build a strategy.

This is a virtual, full-day workshop, conducted by the Philadelphia Microsoft Technology Center Technical Architects, geared to both business people and technologists (if possible, have both from your company in attendance). We start by understanding good use cases for any industry. We break into groups and ideate over some problems that your company may want to try to solve today.

We then work on prototyping your idea using open source technologies that run in the public cloud (bring your laptop and Azure subscription if you have one). We’ll show you how to secure your application and how to integrate your application with front and back office applications.

At the end of this session you should be better able to:

  • Articulate good and bad use cases for a blockchain solution
  • Understand common blockchain application patterns
  • Build a small blockchain application to understand the level-of-effort for a project

Note: The GitHub repository containing all of the assets for this hackathon is located here. Please have your setup completed prior to the event.

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