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AUTOMATED Machine Learning ~ Leveling the Playing Field for SMBs

Based on Best Fit Model, Data-Core System's Auto ML Platform is Built for Businesses with Limited Machine Learning Budgets

AI and Machine Learning have remained largely inaccessible, only practiced by highly skilled Data Scientists and Machine Learning experts. This has made machine learning an expensive service for businesses with low IT budgets such as SMEs/SMBs, independent professionals, journalists & social activists to afford.

This can now be mitigated by leveraging Automated Machine Learning. Automated Machine Learning turns the tables and makes the paradigm of delivering high quality insights from data fast and affordable. A small team of engineers, with enough data science understanding & domain knowledge, can use the platform to build Machine Learning models in a matter of minutes, as opposed to days or months using traditional machine learning.

The process is made even more effective in that these models can routinely be upgraded in an AGILE manner using MLOps. MLOps takes the core principles of DevOps and applies them to deploying Machine Learning models to production, without any recurring manual intervention. This makes for a completely holistic automation of the entire process, cutting time-to-production by almost 95% and cost by an order of two….that means a potential savings of two zeros off your project cost!


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