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Change the Invitation to Computer Science

This session will start out with Maureen Reyes, Executive Director of AP Program Management, the College Board, discussing how AP Computer Science Principles has changed the invitation to coding, dramatically increasing the number of women and minority students taking the course. “It matters who writes the code,” Malinda Gates wrote in her most recent book and the college board is doing effective work in classrooms to make sure that more women are ready to write the code — of our technology and our democracy. Attendees will come away from this session with concrete ideas for how teachers, school districts, and tech professionals can make technology coursework more inviting for women by linking it to hands-on problem solving in their own communities and hear examples of how districts across the country have improved enrollment of women in computer science courses. After Maureen speaks, you will learn how anyone can volunteer with TechGirlz to inspire middle school girls to continue their computer science and technology learning by enrolling in the AP Computer Science Principles course in high school. In fact, you will even have the opportunity to contribute to TechGirlz curriculum by helping us update some of our workshop plans by participating in our "Curriculum Jam.” If jamming isn’t your thing, you can learn how to start a TechGirlz after-school club at your local middle school! And yes, there will be pizza.

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