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Growth Through Experimentation & Innovation

Experimentation is a powerful tool in tech — whether you are looking for creative architecture to refine your technical processes or unique experiences to transition and grow your career. Testing, refining and iterating on what works is key to unlocking growth.

In this session, four AWeber experts will share how they successfully manifested growth through experimentation and innovation within their areas of expertise.


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  • Shamique Thompson

    Shamique Thompson

    Shamique Thompson is a front end software engineer at AWeber. Endlessly curious and relentlessly

  • Stephanie Harris

    Stephanie Harris

    Stephanie Harris is a back end software engineer at AWeber, where she builds software that

  • Alex Campbell

    Alex Campbell

    Alex Campbell is a full-stack software engineer at AWeber, working on everything from legacy PHP

  • Gavin Roy

    Gavin Roy

    Gavin Roy is currently the Interim CTO at AWeber. With over 25 years of experience in the Internet


  • AWeber

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