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Higher Ed in the Age of Entrepreneurship

As more and more teens build successful businesses, should they still invest in a college degree? Panelists will debate the value proposition that Higher Ed can offer current and aspiring entrepreneurs, and the many new resources that universities are now offering to give entrepreneurial students an edge in building startups and raising venture capital funding.


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  • Tiffany Yau

    Tiffany Yau

    Tiffany is a dedicated leader passionate about creating sustainable social impact through social

  • Kareem Mathias

    Kareem Mathias

    Kareem is the Director of Outreach and Partnership at the Collective Success Network. This

  • Due Quach

    Due Quach

    Due Quach (pronounced ‘Zway Kwok’) is an inspiring social entrepreneur and the author of Calm

  • Barrie Litzky

    Barrie Litzky

    Barrie E. Litzky received her Ph.D. in organizational sciences and psychology from Drexel University

  • Rich Sedmak

    Rich Sedmak

    Rich has been an entrepreneur since age 15, when he started an electronics liquidation business out

  • Ellen Weber

    Ellen Weber

    Ellen Weber joined the Fox School of Business as an Assistant Professor in the Strategic Management


  • Collective Success Network
  • Fulphil

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