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How to Build a Startup Inside Your Organization

Innovation and creative problem-solving aren't exclusive to startups. Establishing a culture that encourages new ideas and failing fast can happen in any organization — regardless of shape or size. With the right tools in your toolbelt, you can take the lead in creating a start-up environment right where you are. Let's get started.

This Panel will feature a diverse group of technical folks and change-agents who have created start-ups inside of larger organizations like Vanguard, Motley Fool, and Seer Interactive. We'll peel back the layers on how to create a start-up environment within your organization. Sharing wins, pitfalls, and actionable takeaways in two parts:

  • Part One: How to drive change/bring this to life in your current organization — unpacking org readiness, proving value, communication, buy-in, looking to leadership, change management, etc.
  • Part Two: Maybe your organization isn't ready, and you need to look elsewhere. Here we'll explore the sights/sounds of what to look for in both your leadership team, manager, and fellow colleagues.

Meet your people and walk away with 5 action items to carry back to your current employer or carry with you along your career search.

About Seer Interactive

At Seer, we pride ourselves on innovation; standing out among the rest and enabling our clients to do the same. We strive to live into our motto of ‘Stop Guessing’ by leveraging big data to drive holistic digital marketing strategy. We get excited at the thought of bringing together millions of data points from disparate data sets, including qualitative data to drive empathy-fueled opportunities and insights at scale. Big Data, automation, and problem-solving at scale: it's what's for breakfast.

We're an organization with a ton of heart. Learn about Seer's dedication to community impact, work/life balance, and commitment to team.

Seer Interactive
1033 N 2nd Street 19123
7th Floor
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  • Jordan DiPietro

    Jordan DiPietro

    Jordan DiPietro has been working in the financial industry for 15 years and spent the last decade

  • Ethan Lyon

    Ethan Lyon

    Ethan is the Data Engineer at Seer Interactive — finding new ways of automating and leveraging

  • Lisa Devieux

    Lisa Devieux

    Lisa is Seer’s Data Strategy Lead based in Philadelphia. She harnessed a passion for data and her

  • Nick Maillet

    Nick Maillet

    Nick joined Seer in February 2019 as a Data Analyst within the Data Strategy division. He graduated

  • Lisha Davis

    Lisha Davis

    Lisha Davis is the former founder and head of Vanguard's Innovation Studio, located in center


  • Seer Interactive

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