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Startup Training & Technical Rapid Prototyping

Want to learn how to rapidly prototype your product and increase speed to market? Then this workshop is for you!

Are you a startup founder starting your journey in the world of entrepreneurship? Do you have an idea that you want to turn into a successful product? If you answered YES and have the passion to carry your product from Idea to reality; then this half-day workshop is for you and your team!

Join Jedidiah Weller; CEO of OpenForge; for this 4 hour, hands-on workshop as he guides you through best practices in turning your idea into an actionable business. He'll guide founders on best practices, procedures, tools, and exercises that will allow you to enter the market quicker and more effectively.

This workshop is for both solo founders and teams; as Jedi will also guide founders in how to create effective teams, establish processes for communication, and best practices for guiding productive meetings. This workshop includes:

  • Understanding Entrepreneurship
  • Complex problem breakdown & LEAN Canvas
  • Turning problems into market opportunity
  • Creating Rapid Digital Prototypes
  • Working with cross-functional teams (Design, Development, and Business)
  • Prioritizing features & Feature Pyramid Exercise
  • Utilizing SaaS Technologies to increase Speed To Market
  • Understanding software & technology costs Best Practices in Product Development
1776 Rittenhouse
1608 Walnut Street Philadelphia PA 19103
Floor 12
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