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Youth Financial Reality Fair 2020

Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast "The Youth Financial Reality Fair 2020" gives the opportunity for the youth to experience some of the financial challenges and rewards they will face when they start life on their own. They will participate in real-world economic interactive activities and simulations. Youth Financial Reality Fair Preparing Children for Real Life is a hands-on experience in which children:

the Youth will experience "Real Life" hands-on, interactive experiences to increase their Financial Capabilities: identify their Career Choice, Salaries, Cyptocurrency, Budget their lifestyle, Create a business, Disruptive Innovation, Health is Wealth, Streams of Income, Mastermind the Hustle Session and a Pitch event. The Youth will live within their monthly salary while paying for basics such as housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, food and so much more!

Stay tuned for more information about the "Pop-up Shop", "Disruptive Innovation" and "Health is Wealth" stations.

Parents are encouraged to attend the "session with their parents 2K20". Our financial well being, financial capabilities, and security of the family are vital to survival.

Powered by Elements of the Community, Inc, Super Realty Group LLC, Community of Superfriends, and JP Morgan Chase, Youth Matters Philly

Philly Cam
669 Ranstead Street 19106
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